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Ceramic Soap


Gliptone’s CERAMIC SOAP is a highly concentrated SiO2 enhanced washing solution blended from gentle cleaning agents, water softeners and infused with a uniquely modified chemistry to leave residual SiO2 protection on the surface. When added to water, Gliptone’s CERAMIC SOAP produces a rich lather that lifts surface dirt, helps revitalize color, and produces a clean, bright finish leaving a durable protective coating. Use as part of weekly/monthly vehicle care appearance maintenance. Functions in hard or soft water. Will not streak and is very effective in the reduction of water spotting. • Maintains Coated Surfaces • Helps Prevent Dirt Build-up • Non-streak, Anti-spot Formula • Provides A Lasting Protective Barrier • Provides Enhanced Gloss, Color & Shine • For Ceramic Coated & Uncoated Surfaces

16 oz