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The chemistry contained in this Gliptone Headlight Restoration Kit is the most innovative in the automotive industry and the GLIPTONE process is without question the most efficient! The GLIPTONE restoration process does not require you to sand away valuable layers of your headlight lens which can compromise the integrity of the polycarbonate surface.

In most other competitive processes you are required to sand through as much as 25% of the lens surface leaving it more susceptible to future damage from stone chips and UV degradation. The GLIPTONE process starts by chemically removing the outermost discolored and damaged surface while conditioning and priming the surface. Once cleaned and primed the lens receives multiple coats of Gliptone’s crystal clear, super hard poly coating that adds considerable strength, clarity and UV protection.

In many cases the GLIPTONE restoration process will restore a lens to a ‘better than new’ appearance that will last the lifetime of the car; however the extent of surface damage can range considerably from lens to lens and in some cases a lens can have damage that is on the inside where the technician cannot reach. For these reasons Gliptone can only guarantee significant improvement to clarity and a 1 year warranty against failed protection. (7 pc./kit)