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GLIPTONE SCENTS APPEAL™ Fragrant deodorizers are super concentrated. Dilute 15:1. Each 2 oz concentrate makes 32 oz. of strong, highly effective fragrant deodorizer. For neutralizing mild odors or providing "Air freshening" to simply enhance the overall customer experience, then feel free to stretch the dilution to as much as 30:1. Non-Toxic

Includes 2 oz. concentrate and spray bottle for mixing


  • Blue Ice - Ready for a night on the town. This bold, masculine inspired cologne scent has fresh, crisp notes that are sure to create the perfect mood for your next rendezvous.
  • Harvest Apple - A true experience of ripe apple fragrance combined with bright fruit notes and just a touch of spice. Memories of walking in a fresh apple orchid come to mind.
  • Tropical Tease - Create a fun yet tantalizing allure of a exotic tropical paradise escape. Island floral scents are blended to enliven your senses.
  • Very Cherry - Create your own enticing fresh picked cherry paradise. Uplift your mood.